A Quick Overview of the Agenda for Our Upcoming Mind & Dines:

  • GENERATE MORE REVENUE WITH TRAVEL INSURANCE: Discover opportunities to gain incremental revenue with travel insurance and learn how to stay ahead in the changing industry. 
  • MARKETING PRIORITIES FOR GROWTH AND SUCCESS IN 2018:  Learn how to optimize your digital marketing strategy for the new year. The tactics presented will cover smart distribution, direct-booking website optimization, efficient marketing, and how to implement effective updates to these channels.
  • LOWER COSTS IN PAYMENT PROCESSING: During this segment, Ascent Processing will highlight payment processing options and benefits as well as recent changes all vacation rental managers need to know. They will discuss new options to lower costs and reduce fees.
  • 5 FORMULAS TO AUDIT REVENUE PERFORMANCE: In today's competitive industry, streamlining operational efficiencies to drive revenue performance is the key to more success. There are metrics within your data that can tell you which processes could be hiding higher profits, and these formulas could be your key to optimizing you vacation rental company. Find out these essential formulas, how to identify the data, and learn those areas where you could improve revenue performance and get more out of your business!
    Discover how to differentiate yourself from the competition by providing local activities and attraction passes with every stay. You will increase bookings, speed of customer acquisitions and guest loyalty all without spending a dime.