See what past attendees are saying about the workshops:

I really enjoyed the information from all of the vendors. Thank you for keeping us up on the current trends in marketing, travel insurance, and the current environment of vacation rentals itself. I feel lucky to work for a company that stays current and is constantly striving to stay ahead of trend. It was valuable information to learn tips to spot credit cards fraud from Ascent. Thanks you to Bluetent for inviting me. I look forward to attending more, as the speaker from Breezeway said, “What will stay the same in 10 years?” My quest for better marketing tools in our ever changing vacation rental world!
— Lynda Hodge | Island Realty
Your seminars are always very informative and in tune with what is going on in the vacation rental industry. I always leave with a long action list.
— Lee Kramer | Mandoki Hospitality
Well done, everyone. Great information supplied and small format was well received. Kept my attention and got me excited about hearing from everyone and the info they had to share.
— David Harris | East West Resorts
Great opportunity to learn more in depth about vendors who serve the vacation rental industry. Often times as VRMA or FVRMA shows it is simply too distracting and does give ample opportunity to do much more than swapping cards.
— Kristen Jasinski | Naples Florida Vacation Homes
Great opportunity to network locally and learn about the various products and tools available to us in the ever-changing landscape of our industry.
— Mike Alsko | Coastal Home and Villa
Great insight into sales for travel! Everyone was so well spoken and compassionate about their trade - I got right back to the office the next day and had inspiration!
— Jenna Bowen | Simple Steamboat
Great format - moves along - which is great.
Good time of year... after our hectic busy season gives us ideas of what to work on...follow up on.
— Pamela Bello | Bello Realty Inc.
Seriously, I really enjoyed it. I did not think sales were being forced but that the information given was more along the line of “best practices” and “Let up help you”. Thank you very much.
— Jan Cooper | Red Rock Companies
Really enjoyed the small intimate setting. Loved being able to interact with each presenter directly.
— Shari Calkins | Red Rock Companies
Excellent event - very helpful and great to have a chance to meet everyone after. Thanks!
— Robin Craigen | Moving Mountains
I look forward to future workshops. I got a lot out of your presentations. Freewheeler Vacations will be contacting many of y’all in the near future.

Thank you for wonderful presentations.
— Brandi Horton | Free Wheeler Vacations
Great event! Learned a lot and found new resources. Didn’t feel like it was a giant sales pitch, felt more like here’s some helpful info, you can work with us if you want. The food at the end was AMAZING!
— Megan Betty Morin | Canyon Services